Van classics…

Painting this van has been around 3 years in the pipeline. A friend of ours has always wanted it painted, and distance, time, and life always got in the way. Finally we managed to get a date in the diary and bash out some classic Peaceful Progress trees on there. I paint these tree styles a lot for commissions, its hard to find new ways to do them, I tend to stick with the same formula and make subtle changes. If it aint’ broke… 

Trelai Park changing rooms

Last year I painted the changing room in Pontcanna, Cardiff as part of a regeneration scheme for Cardiff council. The project received a lot of positive press and received a great reaction from the public. I was approached again this year to continue the “Capital for Sport” theme and give the run-down changing rooms in Trelai the same treatment. We kept the same theme and style, depicting images of famous sportsmen from the area and reflecting on the local history. Here are a few pics of the project, featuring Steve Robinson, Ryan Giggs, Sam Warburton, A Roman (do some research), a Jockey and Horse (do some more research), and everyones favourite, the Welsh Dragon. 

Heatherwood Court

Heatherwood court is a mental health hospital based in Pontypridd. I was asked to create four murals on the walls of the different units in the courtyard, with ideas taken from brainstorming workshops with the clients. The idea was to create murals depicting nature, animals and using different seasons to help give each of the four units its own identity. Thanks to the team at Heatherwood and everyone that got involved in the project. 

The Play Loft…

The Play Loft is a play centre and cafe in Whitchurch, Cardiff. Ive worked for Tom the owner on previous projects, so it was nice to catch up and help him out on another of his businesses. The idea was to create a Mike the Knight theme to go with the castle he’s built on the top floor. Go check out the space if you’ve got young kids, they are super friendly and the cafe is great. 

Merthyr allotment

I was contacted by Hywel in Merthyr recently and asked to brighten up a container they use on their community allotment. They have a woodland walk area, which is used to engage members of the community and educate them on wildlife and plant in the wooded areas. Their idea was to paint the container with a woodland scene, to try and reflect the beauty of the area more than the metal structure was currently doing. Because of the ridges in the container, its always best to keep designs simple, but it worked out well. There will be a garden area built in front of the container, so hopefully soon i’ll get some more pics of how the area develops.